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Just For Kids (and adults who need to learn.) In response to many requests to come up with a simple way to teach people to do hand embroidery. It has become a lost art, and is reviving. Most people in the 50-70 age bracket were taught to embroider by their mothers. Then it skipped a generation of people who didn't learn. It was during a time when modern was more trendy. But new patterns have sprung up, and new threads and items to embroider on and all of a sudden people want to learn. Our simple guide will walk you through the steps and new supplies available, and will also help you to learn the stitches in a simplified way. Each lesson helps you build on the next as you learn a new stitch with each one. We have kept the price very affordable and everything is available as a PDF so you won't have to pay postage or leave your home to receive it. This makes a great program for those homeschooling their children also and would count as a craft event.
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JFK-B Just for Kids Booklet


JFK-01 Just For Kids Lesson One


JFK02 Unicorn and Daisies Lesson 2


JFK03 Easy Flowers Lesson 3


JFK04 Butterflies Lesson 4


Bohin Hand Embroidery Needles 5/10


Clover Gold Eye Embroidery Needles 3/9


DMC Hand Embroidery Needles


John James Hand Embroidery Needles


Dritz Needle Threaders


Fine Line Marker


6362A Gold Stork Scissors


Silver Stork Hand Embroidery Scissors


Wooden Embroidery Hoop 4 inch


H4 Embroidery Hoops 4 Inch plastic


Flour Sack Dish Towels