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Our patterns and PDF's are always in stock, but the kits vary. If we do not have them in stock we will let you know when they are available if you just drop us a email.. We do not sell the kits wholesale but the patterns are sold wholesale to qualifying stores. The ones we call Magic Miniatures  are typically in the 16" to the 20" inch size, usually not any bigger than that, but may be slightly smaller. The Merry Miniatures are usually about the size of a piece of paper 8.5" x 11"or in that range, but usually not bigger than 12" x 14" inches. The prices vary especially the kits because some of them require different amounts of fabric.
We call the bigger ones Magic Miniatures because they never fail to give the area where you place it a touch of magic! Likewise, the Merry Miniatures are smaller and just their size makes you feel Merry and they have that Awww! factor that makes you want to say, "Isn't that just too sweet!"
When you put the item you select into your shopping cart, there is a Pull Down to the right, select whatever you want, either a Pattern, PDF, or Kit. If you choose the PDF, the link to this will be sent to your email from which you can download and print from your printer.

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CDH223P I Hope You Dance


216 Baby Steps

$7.00 - $12.00

218 Civil War Nine Patch

$6.00 - $29.00

223K I Hope you Dance


224 Late Bloomers


CDH205 Dresden Memories


CDH207 Blooming Trails


CDH215 Centennial Stars

$7.00 - $24.00

CDH220 Sweetest Little Nine Patch

$7.00 - $24.00

CDH221P Flowers Around My Block


CDH226 Frannie's Vintage Four Patch Collection


CDH227 3 Stars Among The Sails


CDH227P 3 Stars Among The Sails

$6.00 $7.00

CDH142 Proud To Be An American

$6.00 - $25.95

CDH225 Annie May Collection

$7.00 - $24.00

219 Civil War Happy Scrappy

$7.00 - $24.00

CDH222 My Winter Garden

$8.00 - $25.00