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Seasonal Ornaments

We have 10 great lines of Seasonal Ornaments, something for the whole year of little items you can use to adorn your home or decorate a tree.
They are also great for use as banners or to decorate your mantles. They are basically all completed with the same methods, and are an easy, quick item to complete while you are listening to your favorite TV show in the evenings. They also make great gifts to give to grandchildren, friends, secret pals. etc.
Some of the newest lines have been printed without the dotted cutting line....some customers prefer them that way so they can be made into wall hangings, etc.

Christmas Keepsake Ornaments Tea dyed

Christmas Keepsake Ornaments in Shaded Blue Work

Christmas Keepsake Ornaments in Shaded Red Work

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Sew Special Charm Ornaments

Jingle Socks Ornaments

Heirloom Spring Ornaments

Vintage Autumn Ornaments

Vintage Patriotic Ornaments

Vintage Valentines Ornaments


1 to 10 of 10 Items

02 Mayflowers Heirloom Ornament


CK01T Nativity


CK02T Country ChristmasTree


CK03B Mitten


CK04B Lucia Angel


CK06B Christmas Ewe


CK14B Santa With Stocking


CK15B Santa Bust


CK17B The Reason For The Season


CK18B Joy To The World